At SCOTT GYNECOLOGY & PELVIC SURGERY, our practice is not only about relationships and trust.  We place strong emphasis on providing state of the art medical services and procedures that have been shown to be safe and effective. Dr. Scott will not recommend procedures with unproven benefit (robotic surgery for example) unless he feels there is a clear, proven benefit to you.

Services Offered


Transvaginal Hysterectomy - The safest way

Did you know that almost 7 out of 10 hysterectomies can be done without any abdominal incisions? Transvaginal hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and cervix through the vagina.  No incisions are made in the abdomen.  It is clear from experience and research that transvaginal hysterectomy is the safest hysterectomy. Transvaginal hysterectomy has the lowest rate of complications including fewer injuries to the urinary tract and less blood loss.

There are many conditions and diseases of the female pelvic organs that do not respond to conservative medical therapy.  Fibroid tumors of the uterus for example do not always respond to hormones. The pain of endometriosis does not always respond to medication or conservative surgical treatment.  Many women experience uterine prolapse where the uterus falls to the opening of the vagina.  When medication or conservative methods fail, hysterectomy is necessary.  And when hysterectomy is necessary, transvaginal hysterectomy is the safest way to go.

Dr. Scott has over 25 years of experience performing transvaginal hysterectomy. This experience has allowed him to perform most hysterectomies without any abdominal incisions. Currently, Dr. Scott is one of the only surgeons in the Southeast that routinely offers this safest approach to hysterectomy. Abdominal and laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy are sometimes necessary due to patient history or anatomy. But for the majority of patients needing hysterectomy, the transvagainal approach is preferred. 

Currently, robotic hysterectomy is the "latest thing". But studies show that robotic hysterectomy offers no advantage over vaginal hysterectomy. Robotic hysterectomy usually takes longer, costs more and has a higher complication rate than transvaginal hysterectomy.  Also, robotic hysterectomy requires 4-5 abdominal incisions.  Transvaginal hysterectomy requires none.

For more information on the false perception about robotic surgery click here .

At this time, Dr. Scott is one of the only gynecologist in Marietta, Cobb and Paulding routinely offering the safest hysterectomy to his patients.  If conservative treatments or medical therapy has failed to help you, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Scott to review all your surgical options.


Diagnosis & Treatment

We evaluate and treat problems in every area of benign gynecology.  Bladder control problems, urinary tract infections, irregular periods, menopausal symptoms and treatment of abnormal pap smears are just a few of the problems we treat every day.  We understand that contraceptive options are just as important to discuss with the mature woman as it is for the "twentysomethings".  Dr. Scott will address the effect of lifestyle on matters such as pelvic pain and menstrual problems.  In spite of the testing and technology we have at our disposal, we will always listen first.


Second Opinion

In medicine, the old saying is: if you ask two doctors what you should do, you'll get three opinions. This is because in medicine there is often more than one way to treat a problem.  Dr. Scott welcomes the opportunity to sit down with you to review your medical situation.  After a thorough review of your individual circumstance, he will render an honest, measured opinion of what approach he would recommend for your specific medical problem.


Bladder Function Testing

Nothing affects the quality of life more than bladder control problems.  The overactive bladder and stress incontinence are two of the most common problems we see.  Both can have a disruptive effect on the day to day lives of millions.  We have the ability to perform bladder function testing (urodynamics) in our office.  Urodynamics can help determine the smartest approach to treating these problems.  After a thorough evaluation, we will determine if urodynamics is right for you.


Annual Exam/Pap Smears

Cancer screening is really about prevention and teaching.  Most are familiar with “pap smear” screening for cancer of the cervix.  But most don’t know that pap smear screening is just one of many cancers we screen for at Scott Gynecology & Pelvic Surgery.  Breast cancer screening is done with instruction and encouragement on the breast self exam (BSE).  We do a full survey of the vulva and vagina at the annual visit as well.  A thorough annual pelvic exam is the only way to pick up a tumor of the ovary early.  We'll show you why the Ca-125 test should not be used to screen for ovarian cancer.



What reversible contraceptive is as effective as permanent sterilization?  That would be Nexplanon, the implantable contraceptive device.  With a single soft rod the size of a match stick, a high level of contraceptive effectiveness is achieved.  Nexplanon takes just a minute to place in the office and lasts up to 36 months.  This method is safe and can even be used by nursing mothers.  We'll be happy to discuss this and other contraceptive methods at your next visit.

Conditions Treated

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